Tuesday, April 30, 2013

#24 "Mollie"

Saved by a Team Maddox Member who says, "I wanted all of you to meet Mollie. No, she is not a min pin...but was saved and has her forever home because of Maddox!!! She is brown and black though if that counts. By the way, her forever home is with me!" 

Monday, April 29, 2013

#23 "Ricky"

On April 25th, I was given a number because was told they had found a Min Pin. I was praying it was my baby but it ended up being a little bitty 6 lb baby boy who was not neutered. I was sad this was not my Maddox but it sounded like he was in good hands & he might of found his new forever home. Then a few days later we saw a listing for the same baby boy on Craigslist, I guess he was not geting along with the other baby at the house that found him so she knew he would be happier with someone else. We did not want him to end up in the wrong hands so thanks to Donna Badger with OK Yorkie Rescue for saving this little baby! We named him "Ricky". He loves to snuggle and is very sweet!! When other dogs bark, he likes to bark & then howl! ;) 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

#21 & #22 "Mercedes and Yeager



On April 8th we received a text that a Min Pin has been seen a few times in same area but on SW side of OKC. From the pictures it was too difficult for me to determine if it was Maddox or not Maddox. So next day a few team Maddox members decided to stake out the area.. After talking to a few people it was determined the Min Pin was not Maddox since it was a female but she had been seen around the same time every day but in a couple different neighborhoods. They found her and were able to capture her with a few treats & she ended up jumping in the car to go bye bye. Her name is Mercedes! She also had her brother with her.. An adorable Husky named Yeager. After awhile luring her with treats she ended up jumping into a car! Team Maddox gave them warm places to stay until we could find their Mommy. After putting up several flyers in the area they were found we located their Mommy. Apparently they had dug a hole under the fence and escaped!! Silly Dogs.. But glad they are safe and at home with their family! After awhile luring her with treats she ended up jumping into a car! Thanks to Betsy, Debbie, Jenni & Brandi's Dad for saving these two babies!! 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

#20 "Baby 20"

This baby was found near Boulder Ridge Apts. He was lost but a few kids found him and called me thinking he was Maddox. He was re-united with his family the same night he was found! Thanks to the awareness of Maddox, I believe that is why this baby was found and re-united with this family!!