Thursday, October 10, 2013

#40 "Bentley"

Team Maddox & IMPS did it again!!

This sweet baby was all alone at the shelter.. His face melted my heart so I shared & shared & shared and was able to find a new foster for IMPS and IMPS saved him! I named him "Bentley" and now he is being spoiled rotten at his foster home!  Such a dolly!! ;))

Sunday, October 6, 2013

#39 "Batman"

Another baby found while doing our shelter checks... I was sent this baby's picture and my heart stopped.. I swore he was Maddox but then we found out he was 20 pounds and still intact so we knew he was not my baby.. I thought about this baby all weekend and could hardly stand the thought of him being at the shelter.. I was sharing & sharing & admit turned to begging rescues to take him..

Well my prayers were answered because this poor baby was put on the list but was saved within hours!!!

Hi, I am Batman. I am a four year old Manchester Terrier that weighs about 20 lbs. I came to the rescue within hours of dying. They had even given me a number. It was so scary!! He had heartworms and has been treated but is doing great!  He is looking for a family to love him & spoil him rotten!!! 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

#36 - #38 (Mommy & Babies)

Min Pin Mommy & Baby Min Pins at Oklahoma City Shelter SAVED BY MADDOX!!;))
Team Maddox rocks! It took an army but we got them out of the shelter and they are FREE! Thanks to Elizabeth for fostering, Shelley for helping to coordinate everything and picking them up and taking care of them for a few days, Wanda for getting IMPS to sponsor these cuties, and of course Donna for doing the shelter checks and sending me these babies since you know I will not stop until they are safe! ;))