Wednesday, July 31, 2013

#34 "Faith"

During our regular shelter checks received photos of a Mommy and 6 babies at the shelter.  Donna went to check on all the babies and all babies were gone but Mommy was left behind. Donna of course could not  leave her there so she saved her!  Meet Faith! She is very smart and a sweet-heart and has the cutest personality!  This doll baby looking for her forever home!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

#33 "Tiger Bear"

Vivian Sparks Wheelock was able to save a missing dog!!! Add another dog saved by Maddox! Earlier today Vivian found a white cute dog that was covered in stickers. She worked at climbing a fence, hanging out on the ground all before work (while in a dress w/high heels!) to save him. With the help of her neighbor she was able to get him into a crate. Stephanie Sessions & Jennifer Fors Stephenson went by and picked him up and took him to a vet to check for a chip. He had been reported missing & had a microchip! He was reunited with his Momma Dog today & she was so thankful. Meet Tiger Bear - 10 yr old American Eskimo.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

#32 "Dewey"

During the regular team Maddox shelter checks I received a picture of "Dewey".. He had been surrendered at age 15. I wasn't about to let anything happen to him.. This huge smile melted my heart so I started sharing him everywhere I could think of.. Next day I was so scared to look since was told he only had a day left but then got the best news ever that Someone in Ada, Oklahoma saw his picture and saved him! Yay!!! Ironically Maddox is from Ada, Oklahoma.. Is it a sign?? ;)) Enjoy your life sweet Dewey!! ;)

#31 Black aka "Rascal"

Team Maddox found another Maddox lookalike in Oklahoma City after we received a call of a possible Maddox sighting. He is a Black & Tan Min Pin and looked alot like Maddox. We had an incident where he got scared and bit the girl that called us about him. A team Maddox member and the caller were able to capture him and then we took him to the Vet to keep him safe while we tried to find his family. We knew his family had to be missing him! He is adorable and a sweet-heart!!!! A couple days after being at the vet.. He started crashing and could not stand and would not eat anything. We had him on IV's and were doing everything we could for him. After several tests, we found out the poor baby had prostate cancer and was really sick. =''(( He still had his "jewels" and we knew the best way to treat him was to remove them. We had to wait though until he was strong enough and had to wait a certain number of days since we technically needed his families permission. Obviously if it was a life or death situation we would of just done it.. But luckily after a few days a Team Maddox had a customer at the bank that saw her Maddox poster and told her that a friend's baby went missing on Tues July 16th during the storms. His name is Black, 7 years old, 10 lbs, ears straight up, docked tail, no chip. He was wearing a silver chain collar. Vivian promised we would keep an eye out and posted on our private group page. Immediately we all knew it had to be "Rascal"! :) This is truly an amazing story about how things just seem to work out and come together when it is supposed to and another true Maddox save since Black would not be alive if we didn't find him. First we got the sighting call since our signs are everywhere for Maddox, then a team Maddox member (Stephanie) and the caller were able to lure him and capture him, then another completely different team Maddox member (Vivian) was at the right place at the right time and is always talking about Maddox to find his Mommy..Just think if the friend of the mommy didn't' go into he bank or the caller didn't call. But we do not have to think about all that because he is safe now!

Monday, July 8, 2013

#30 "Bella"

Team Maddox was doing regular shelter checks for Maddox and sent me this sweet girl named Bella. She was surrendered which meant she did not have alot of time! =""(((( She is precious and a Dolly! I don't understand how you can drop that sweet face off at the shelter! Breaks my heart! =''((( a She is a spayed, female, Black and Tan Miniature Pinscher. Only 2 years old. I spent all day networking her all over. I was messaging about Bella all night! Before went to bed had 2 foster options and a rescue in IL to take her but then this morning got the best call ever that my favorite rescue was going to take her.. My friend is with OK yorkie rescue that goes to the shelter every day to look for Maddox so she actually tagged her to keep her safe since we knew she didn't have alot of time.. We acted quickly while we worked on finding rescue or foster.. ;)) I was not about to let anything happen to her! It is nice to have connections in OK.. Just wish I had them other places! ='((

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

#29 "Jett"

Meet Jett… You may have seen him posted on Maddox’s wall by many who thought he was Maddox in the OKC shelter. I even got calls and texts from people hoping it was him. Although thinner, I thought this might be the call I’d been praying for. Team Maddox went to check, but it wasn’t him. I swear he could be Maddox’s twin brother though & can’t explain it but know he was brought into our life for a reason and he was another one God wanted Maddox to save.. 

I posted him in rescue groups hoping to save him. A few days later, I was told he was going to be put down, since no one claimed him and he was “growly” and “snippy”. =”((( This is something I’ve been so afraid of for Maddox. I know he will be snippy too at a shelter and I worry if he ever ends up at one, they might not even put him online to be saved … and if they didn’t scan him, well, I just worry. I can’t explain it but this little guy melted my heart and reminds me so much of my sweet baby boy. I was terrified and frantic thinking they might put him to sleep.. So, I started posting him everywhere and fast as I could. Because of my pleas, a rescue in Okc, Dogs As Family, saved him. They said he was full of kisses when they took him out of the shelter! They saw he was hurt (no WONDER he was "snippy"), so he went straight to the vet. 

Jett needs help … a lot of help. =”((( Poor baby has been through A LOT.. He has three broken legs.. Yes 3!! The vet said he may have been hit by a car or could have even been in the tornado. The injuries are about 6 weeks old. He has already had one surgery to repair his left hip and start skin grafts on his right rear leg and they cleaned out some of the terrible infection in his leg. Yes, he sat 3 days in the shelter in pain and getting sicker. ="((( BUT, the vet said he is very strong and said Jett will one day be jetting around! But before that can happen he has to have more surgeries and it’s going to end up costing about $2,000.00. If you can help GREAT!! As much as anything, I hope you will share this. Share for prayers, donations, or just love & thoughts for this little guy that has been through so much but now has a second chance at life!! I want to get the word out, since this baby was thought to be Maddox & could be his brother … like the ones in the past that were able to get into rescue or back to their home.. We feel strongly all have been brought to us for a reason & want these precious babies to be happy & be okay!! Jett needs our PRAYERS for a speedy recovery!! This amazing rescue is local and I know rescues all over Oklahoma have had so many hardships with homeless babies. I just want to give them a Maddox paw-up! Dogs As Family is a non-profit and gifts are tax deductible.