Tuesday, May 21, 2013

#28 "Peanut"

Don't under estimate the power of CraigsList! A guy in Edmond found a lost dog and refused to post about the dog because he "didn't want his info out there", so he emailed the info to bringmaddoxhome@gmail.com. We posted it on Craigslist, apparently at the same time the Owners posted about the loss of their dog. The ads actually wound up side by side The family has been reunited already! Here is a screenshot from CL. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

#27 "Mustang"

This baby's time was up, in fact, he was at the Mustang Shelter on borrowed time. Between me & another Team Maddox member Leanne Renz Miller networking him we were able to get him out of the kill shelter!!! It took a Village with several rescues but he is safe!! He is searching for his new forever home!!" 

Friday, May 3, 2013

#26 "Baby 26"

Day after we saved Jack and got him out of the shelter got a message saying 2 more little babies were at the shelter. One was a little boy only a few months old that had been surrendered to the shelter by his family. I have learned they do not have to hold owner surrenders for the 3 days so freaked out and started sharing him all over the Rescue world. I am lucky to have made some new connections with rescues all over Oklahama City. This baby was not even on Petharbor so have to think it was because of Donna telling me about him that we were able to get him out of there so quickly!! That was a Friday & he was saved by a rescue the following Monday!!! =)))) If I was still in Oklahoma City I seriously would of went and got him myself.. He is so cute!! 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

#25 "Jack"

I saw this cute face on an email I get from Petharbor every day of babies in shelters around Oklahoma city area, that fit Maddox's description. Kept seeing this same cute face so I messaged a friend that checks the shelter for me weekly to see if she saw him. She did some PI work for me and foudn out he was in a holding tank. His family was in jail but she said he was safe and was going to be put in adoption program. I sent him to several rescues trying to network him and get him out of there.. I was told he was safe by a local rescue but still kept checking.. Then on May 2nd got a call saying Jackie, this baby has 24 hours!! Oh my goodness I felt like I was going to puke.. But thanks to a friend of mine with a local rescue she saved him for me!She picked him up and he is free!! We are searching for his new forever home! He is very cute and very sweet and just wants to be in your lap and just wants to be loved. ;)) The rescue named "Jack" after me since I saved him! 

May 9, 2013: Its with a very heavy heart I'm writing this... Our precious angel Jack crossed the rainbow bridge today... I'm so devastated beyond words & can't stop crying!! =""(((( Thank you Donna for breaking him out of jail so he could be loved his last few days on earth & be with people trying to save him & give him a good life! As you said he is completely healed & playing with all the other babies in heaven! And now Maddox has another angel doggie watching over him & guiding him home!' We love you Jack!! You have touched our lives forever!!