Thursday, January 31, 2013

#8 "TINY"

Received several calls about a baby roaming the streets near Penn Square Mall with a leash attached to him. I knew it wasn’t Maddox, but I couldn’t just let this little guy run lost. Joanna, a wonderful person I met while searching for Maddox, went with me to try to find him. We searched but couldn’t find him, then just as we turned a corner we saw him. He was a quick little guy who sent us on an adventure trying to catch him. Luckily, some guys had a female doggie and we able to help us catch him. Once I grabbed him he bit me on the lip, but totally worth it to save him. He had definitely chewed his leash that was still hanging from his collar, no tags, but he did have a rabies tab with Neel Vet’s number on it. We took him there and they were able to find his daddy! He was such a cutie and was my best friend after he gave me my battle wound. Totally worth it – he is home safe! 

Saturday, January 26, 2013


After Karin and Cade tracked Maddox’s scent near NW 150th & MacArthur Blvd in the Deer Creek Addition, I was back posting signs and saw a very scared older female dog. She was about to run onto MacArthur Blvd and I was not about to let her get hit by a car, I was able to lure her with treats to my car. She is the most adorable, sweet girl ever. She stayed with me for a night and my friend Stephanie has been keeping her as we look for her owners.

UPDATE April 2, 2013:Today is an extremely sad day, Maddee went across the Rainbow Bridge. We search so hard to find this amazing girls family, with no luck. I’m glad she was able to live her last months with Stephanie enjoying her rides to the late and knowing she had people who loved her. Maddee’s face will forever be in our hearts. Thank you Stephanie for welcoming her into your life and being so loving, compassionate and kind. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

#6 “TYSON”

Just as we returned home from saving Bliss, we received a call about another Min Pin found in an apartment complex near NW 122nd & MacArthur Blvd. This nice lady had been taking care of him all day, we rushed over to find out it wasn’t Maddox. My mother-in-law received a call while we were there from a woman who had lost her Min Pin Tyson, she wondered if we had received any calls about a Min Pin that wasn’t Maddox and might be her boy. We were happy to call her and get Tyson reunited with his momma dog the same day he went missing.

#5 “BLISS”

Two different calls come in that a baby resembling Maddox was seen out by Council & Countyline Roads. By the time we got there we couldn’t find him. Callers both saw him on a big family lot with several houses, trees, and a lake with a dam. A fellow friend, Pam helped me search the large acreage but it was getting dark and I continued to call his name – there were so many places he could be hiding. We spent so much time in the dark searching and we decided we weren’t going to have any luck with it so dark, I left food, a ball and a pair of my socks so Maddox will smell my scent, I knew this had to be Maddox. The next morning, I was back at the family farm at 5:30 AM, still a few hours before the sun would rise and I sat anxiously waiting for the sunrise. Pam was there at sunrise and we began searching through the woodsy area near the pond. Several hours later as we are searching the other side of the farm, we see a Min Pin. Definitely, not Maddox, but a very adorable female Min Pin. We spent the whole day trying to catch her, with me staying with her on foot and Pam following behind in her car. Just as I would get close, she would run away and sit down to see what I was doing. After many hours of this, we decided we needed an expert to trap this quick little girl. We called in an expert with a trap. She went into the trap several times, but was so small the trap release never went off! With a lot of help, we were able to sit by her, feed her so much we were finally able to put a slip leash on her. She ate so much that day her belly was so big! 

UPDATE:She is definitely an Angel sent to us by God, she is now living in California with us and awaiting the opportunity to meet her brother Maddox, she is such a sweetheart and has been such a comfort to us while we continue our search for Maddox. She is a little girl at only 7lbs. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013


While searching Craigslist, I found a listing for a found Min Pin in Norman under the Community: Pets Section. They also stated they had found another baby too, I was just hoping Maddox had found a furry friend! After talking with them, I realized it wasn’t Maddox. Hours later while still searching Craigslist under the Community: Lost/Found Section, (yes search both sections) I found a posting for someone who had lost a Min Pin and his furry friend. I pulled both listings up and called with both posters to find out it was definitely a match. By putting the two puzzle pieces together 2 babies found their way back home.

Friday, January 4, 2013

#2 "BABY #2"

Brandon & I are posting fliers in the Landsbrook Addition, this is where one of our first confirmed sightings of Maddox was; we see another loose baby. Brandon & I spend an hour cornering her and I sit down with treats – she comes up to me and I’m able to grab her by her collar. We just got into our car and a lady drove up and said it was her friends dog. Just then, the owners drove up and we were happy to get her reunited with her mommy and daddy.