Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Maddox saved another baby!

Meet sweet baby Riesling. She is around 6-8 years old and was saved from death row at the Oklahoma City Shelter. 

This sweet baby girl is Maddox's miracle!!!I I truly believe with all my heart God wanted me & Maddox to save her.. I get emails every day on pet harbor of any baby that fits Maddox's description.. I saw her precious face and he picture tugged at my heart. I reached out to my shelter contacts and said "dare do I ask but what is status of this baby". This was about 5/6pm and the shelter said "she will be pts tomorrow".. I said "NO!! Can a rescue not save her?" and she said " She needs a commitment by 9am tomorrow".. I told my shelter contact.. "Okay pray I can make this Miracle happen!! I will beg! ;))"

I was freaking out and literally started shaking and sobbing and just started posting all over FB!! Copying my message below becaue maybe you can feel the urgency I was feeling..


I was just informed this baby is going to be euthanize tomorrow unless we can work a miracle!!! She has tumors and is geriatric but I think she deserves to be happy and live her last few days at home with someone to love her and snuggle with her and kiss her vs at a scarey shelter!!! And who knows if the tumors are even cancerous!! She is only 10 years old! That is not old for a min pin!!! Please anyone??? Will you save her??? I am begging!!!!! I don't know if she is a stray or surrender but this makes me sick.. I don't believe in dumping your babies at the shelter!! Come on people you don't dump your mom and dad at the shelter when they get older.. You let them live their last days in a nursing home where they are cared for and loved!!! I hate this world so much and it makes no sense!!! Ughhhhhhh

Well Praise the Lord because my friend, a team Maddox member Ann saw my post and she worked magic and found a rescue to save her within our very small window!! This is a true testimony of how sharing saves lives!!!! And Team Maddox is amazing!!! I believe with all my heart and soul, God put us all together for a reason and he wanted Maddox to save these babies.. So please will you share? We have over 5,000 people on this page so even if only a few of you donate $1.00, Riesling will get the vet care she needs to then get her a loving and forever home which she deserves...

If you'd like to keep up with Riesling, or are interested in adopting her, she is in Edmond Oklahoma with One Life Rescue & Rehab.. www.facebook.com/OnelifeRescueAndRehab


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