Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Babies SAVED

I have been sharing other lost babies in Oklahoma City recently... So many Min Pins keep getting lost and it breaks my heart.. I have an album so I can keep track of them all and I just want to do what I can to help them find their families.. I don't' want their babies to be gone as long as my Maddox has.. ='''(((

Some good news.. Thanks to my Craigslist posts there will be a Blog written to share Maddox's story on a Min Pin blog ( There will actually be one on Monday and another one after that.. ;))

I broke up some of the babies Maddox has saved into groups and so today wanted to share 8 more!!!! I like to share all these and the stories because it makes me smile.. Since Maddox has been lost has been one of the most difficult times in my entire life but I have always been a believer that everything happens for a reason.. sometimes it doesn't make sense but I know God is listening and God placed Maddox on Earth and gave him to me because he knew how special he was. And I have to believe God knew that I would never turn my back on babies that need to be saved.. He knows how much I have and will always love fur-babies! I get that from my Mom.. ;))

Elvis: Elvis is so special. We found him in let's just say a very rough neighborhood. I found him and figured out this poor little guy was abandoned and he was waiting for his family to come back and get him. He was livid on his own in a patio with a bunch of junk they left behind. When I found him I started feeding him every day.. He never let me get close.. After some investigative work, we figured out he had been living there for 3 months!!! Elvis showed me that Min Pins are very smart and tough and survivors!!! And he also showed me how loyal they are to their family.. He waited for his family for 3 months and they never came back.. I can't even believe nobody tried to help him before me.. I literally watched someone walk right by him as he sat there by himself. I would never do that!! I am a person that I flip u-turns, I always make sure if there is a dog that they have a human with them.. if not I am going to help them! So I did help Elvis! He is now with his new family and is spoiled and loved like he deserves!! ;))

Mercedes & Yeager: These two are brother & sister..The week after I had to leave Oklahoma I got a call about Mercedes.. The Amazing Team Maddox camped out and they found this sweet girl the next morning with her friend.. They were both captured and then taken care of by team Maddox until we found their Mommy.. And luckily this time we did find their Mommy and so they are at home where they belong!

Luigi: This sweet baby was my easiest capture ever! I got a call thinking he was Maddox.. He doesn't look anything like Maddox but I found him and he was laying there by a dumpster.. =(( He seemed like he had a hurt let and was very dirty and thin.. I went right to him sat by him and he was so friendly I literally just picked him up and put him in my car..  I took him to two vets to get him scanned and no chip.. He layed down immediately and took a nap in my car. Sweetest baby ever!! Tried to find his family with no luck and then a rescue took him and he is now with his new family!!

Rascal: This baby was found when we got a sighting call. It is a long story but he was captured and then we took him to the Vet while we tried to find his family. Luckily we captured him when did because a few days after he was at the Vet he got really sick.. We found out he had cancer.. He was not yet neutered.. We were going to do everything we could to save him and then a miracle happened. A team Maddox member was talking to someone where she worked at the bank about Maddox. They randomly told her that their friend had just lost their Min Pin and guess who their Min Pin was!! It was Rascal!! So we found his family and then his family was able to get help to get him neutered to remove the cancer.... Last I heard he is doing good and with his family.. I always think about him because so many different pieces had to fall together perfectly to save his life and they did! God does answer prayers!!

Tiny: This crazy guy was roaming all round Penn Square Mall. I got a million calls about him.. All calls said he was running around with a leash attached to him! I knew he was not Maddox but I also cold not just leave him out there so Joanna and I decided to go look for him.. We found him and oh geez, he was running all over hte place and didn't care about treats, he didn't care about anything. he looked at us like crazy people and would just run off.. I was like Joanna how in the world are we going to catch him! A guy helped us catch him with his female dog..  And then he handed him to me and I ended up getting bit in the lip but it was worth it to save this baby!! He is so cute!! I was not so cute with my fat lip for a week but anything to save a baby..  And we found his Daddy by getting their information from his rabies tag at the vet. 

Izzy: This baby girl was another one that we found roaming.. She actually had a collar with tags.. She wouldn't let me catch her but I gave her lots of snacks and was able to get close enough to look at her tag and call her Daddy! Debbie and I ended up sitting with her and just watching her until her Daddy got home.. As soon as he did she ran home.. We were lucky to get the call because her Daddy was at work and had no idea she had gotten out.. 

Mollie: No, she is not a min pin...but this sweet girl was saved and has her forever home because of Maddox!!! She is brown and black and her Mommy kept seeing her and had to save her! She is the love of her Mommy's life and will have been at her new home for a year on March 1st! ;))

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