Sunday, February 9, 2014

Babies SAVED

And the list of babies saved by Maddox continues... 

I picked these 8 to share today because these are babies that I have fostered, transported, or now are my baby girls.. Even though I could only keep a couple of these babies I can honestly say I am totally madly in LOVE with all of these precious ones.. 

Bliss: Well you all know about her.. She was my first rescue.. I believe God sent her to me. She is my sweet baby girl.. 

Roxy: This sweet girl was saved from a high kill shelter in California. I saw her on FB and saw that all she needed was a foster. Her family dumped her at the shelter on her 10th birthday!!! =(( I have never officially fostered but her face melted my heart.. I picked her up all the way in Long Beach.. I think it took me 3 hours and not joking to get her.. I picked her up and it was immediately love at first sight! She stayed with us for over a month.. She is now with her East Coast Mommy in Washington DC and I will forever be her West Coast Mommy.. I love her and miss her so much!!! Taking her to the airport was one of the hardest things I have ever done..

Sam aka Loki: This precious and crazy little boy was one I personally saved on my own from the streets in Oklahoma City. It was one Friday night I got a sighting call in a not so great part of town and of course I went there.. I couldn't find him at first and then I saw him.. A nice guy helped me catch him.. I put up signs, posted him everywhere, and could not find his family.. He stayed at my house for a week while I found a rescue to take him.. I seriously LOVE him so much!! The day I gave him to the rescue was one of the hardest things I have ever done.. He slept with me, he slept in my suitcase.. This was early on when I was searching for Maddox and I guess in a way he really did comfort me that week.. He gave me something to be happy about.. My father in law taught him to howl with him.. LOL He was such a crazy little guy and a major handfu!! I don't know where he is now.. He was adopted from rescue and then later ended up at shelter again and adopted again.. I just pray he is safe and loved and spoiled like he deserves.. I do worry about him..

Brownie & Rockey: These two little ones were saved the same day from a high kill shelter in Carson. I picked them both up at the same time. Both were supposed to be fosters but as we all know Brownie is still with me and my other sweet little girl. Rockey is with his forever home in Arizona. He was only with me a week but I still think of him often..

Harley: Oh Harley.. Harley is one all I did was transport from a shelter in the valley to orange county.. He was at my house for only a few hours and I can't explain how much I love him!! I honestly wanted to keep him.. Even Brandon wanted to keep him but we knew we couldn't..=(( At the time I transported him, I still had Roxy and I never intended on having 3 babies... Brownie is our accident.. Harley found his forever home and I am very happy for him!! I still wish his forever home was at my house though.. =(((

Lois & Clarke: These two precious ones, I also transported.. They were feral when they were found as little babies. Brother & Sister.. They were so scared and latched on to each other.. I was so happy we were able to save them from the shelter! Both are with their forever homes..

Each of these little ones have huge paw prints on my heart whether they are with our without me.. I would do anything for all of them and I know Maddox is happy they are safe!!! ;))))   

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