Friday, February 7, 2014

Babies SAVED

I was just thinking alot today about all the babies Maddox has saved since he went missing... I picked 8 to share the other day so today wanted to share 8 more.. I will probably keep doing this until I run out of room. I have ALL babies saved on my website.. But I picked these for various reasons..

First of all one I realized I found a year ago on January 26th.. Her name is Maddee.. She obviously is very different than all the others BUT she holds such a special place in my heart.. This sweet girl was roaming when I was posting Maddox flyers. She ran right past me and of course I wasn't going to leave her.. She was actually really easy to catch and I put her in my car.. She stayed with me one night and then she led me to one of my new best friends in the entire world.. @Stephanie Sessions.. I didnt' know what to do but I knew I wasn't going to take Maddee to the shelter so I plead for help and Stephanie reached out and said she would help me.. I had never met Stephanie but when I talked to her and then met her.. I just knew she was special.. Stephanie took care of Maddee and they were instant BFF's! Maddee went everywhere with Stephanie.. Unfortunately she crossed the rainbow bridge a few months later but gosh I loved that girl so much!!! I miss her and think of her every single day..

Then there is Jack and Mustang who have both also crossed the rainbow bridge.. Both of these little ones were left at the shelter to die.. They both were sick but we got both of them out of the shelter to live their lives loved.. Jack had parvo & we did everything we could for him thanks to my other new best friend @Donna Badger.. She helped me save him and we we both beyond devastated when he didn't make it.. And then Mustang.. His story is more sad.. He was saved from the shelter and then sent off to a rescue and when someone local in Oklahoma City finally got him back he was in bad shape.. His story hurts my heart also but I am glad another friend was able to love him his last few days.. ='''(((((

The rest of these little ones are all doing really good! Batman, Dewey & Bella were all saved from the shelter.. Bella & Dewey have forever homes and Batman is doing a special program called Friends for Folks Lexington program.. Baby Boy and Tiger Bear were both saved from the street!!! Baby Boy was found with a little furry friend and both of them are spoiled with new homes. And Tiger Bear was actually a lost baby that was found by the amazing @Vivian Sparks.

Gosh I can't explain how much each and every one of these little ones have impacted my life and some might of not been saved if it wasn't for Maddox.. I truly believe that in all my heart.. Especially Jack, Mustang, Bella, Batman, Jett, Dewey, Bentley, Faith, Angel and her babies.. who were all left at the shelter to die.. All were on their last days..

I saw a quote that said something about allowing your passion to become your purpose.. I LOVE animals more than anything and truly would save every single one of them if I could.. I hope someday I can do more to save them all and have my own rescue or lost pet service or something..

My dream has always been (even way before Maddox went missing) to have my own boutique and run a rescue out of it.. I hope someday my dreams will come true!! Maddox Home and my own rescue!! Wouldn't that just be the best life ever! I think so!! ;)))

"All our DREAMS can come true if we have the Courage to pursue them."

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