Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Trying to focus on the positive things that have come out of Maddox being lost this past year.. I shared some of the babies Maddox saved.. I actually printed the collage I made and it is right above my computer so I look at it every day several times.. I love all the babies Maddox has saved... I also of course get home to Maddox's two sisters.. Bliss & Brownie. I shared Bliss with you last week since it was the year anniversary of me finding her.. Today wanted to share Brownie..

is a total accident.. When I had to return to Cali, I guess I felt like since I couldn't go post signs and go on sighting calls for Maddox, I wanted to save every other baby.. The shelters in Cali are so full and it breaks my heart.. There are also so many Min Pins.. I feel like I am sent a new one every day.. Anyways I started networking and sharing and fostering and transporting and doing everything I could to help these babies.. I ended up adopting Brownie from the Carson shelter to save her life.. When I saw her picture at the shelter at only 7 months old my heart just broke.. I knew I had to save her.. Well now she is part of our family.. She is a little goofball. She is quite the baby and likes to cry alot to get her way. LOL I think she is a Min Pin/Italian Greyhound mix because has a very skinny body and skinny tail...All 6 lbs of her..

Her and Bliss are definitely sisters. Sometimes they fight but most of the time they just steal things from each other and play and they even snuggle... She loves to give her Daddy kisses and licks him to death.. And she loves to always be touching me.. She is either on my lap or lays on my legs.. She likes to play with toys but doesn't like to play fetch like Maddox. she just plays and throws things on her own.. And rolls around on the floor with her toys..

I love both these little girls.. They are not Maddox and nobody can or will ever replace Maddox but they have been good for me.. There are times I think they know I am sad since they just lay by me... I can't wait for them to meet their brother.. I will never give up on Maddox.. I love him so much and miss him so much!

I was talking to Janet last night and until you start telling stories about them you don't realize how much you miss all the small things they did even if it was sometimes annoying.. All my babies are different and all do different things and I miss the every little thing Maddox did. From putting his cookie on his girlfriend and saving it until I got home from work, to giving me a ball non-stop and yelling at me for not throwing it quick enough, to him throwing his food all over the floor and playing with one piece at a time and then eating it. From him screaming and crying and barking when I got home and sprinting to greet me every single time I came home to him guarding his bone and growling at me.. He had some things that some might hate but I LOVE.. I LOVE every thing about him and his craziness and his quirks are the things I love the most about him! He has so much character, so much personality, he is so loyal to his Mommy & Daddy.. He knows what he likes and what he doesn't.. He is Mr. Picky just like his Mommy & Daddy.. Do I need to go on? I just want my baby back.. I will do anything for him.. I hope people know that.. ='''((((((

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