Tuesday, January 21, 2014


A year ago today I was searching for Maddox Miniature Pinscher Lost in Okc but instead I found a sweet little baby girl named "BLISS".. I was looking back on my posts from this day and I remember how emotional it was... When I found her I really thought she was going to be Maddox but then when she wasn't I was in tears and so sad she wasn't Maddox but I also fell in love..

She was with rescue for several months while we looked for her family that we never found. She is now living with us in California and waiting for her Brother to come home. She is one of the sweetest little girls but also will tell you when she doesn't want or like something She LOVES to chase squirrels and is not afraid to get a little dirty to climb up the tree! She is opposite Maddox in that doesn't really love toys but will play with them sometimes.. She LOVES treats and dinner time! I couldn't get Maddox to eat ANYthing and she eats EVERYthing! LOL She has her own FB p[age I share pictures and videos called "Min Pin Bliss"

Back then I posted several times a day so thought I would just share the first hand posts from night before and day of that tell the story..  So here is the story... HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLISS!! Today is your special day and your family loves you so much!!!

Jan 20, 2013 Late Evening: New Possible Sighting ALERT: We got 2 different calls that a baby that looked ALOT like Maddox was all the way out on 150th between County Line & Council... We ran out the door so that is why posting now.. By the time we got there he had disappeared in the dark again & there are ALOT of places he could be hiding.. Two different people saw him & both tried to stop but said he was really scared & ran away... =(((( It is a big family lot with several houses & trees, a dam & a lake so it was very difficult to see in the dark but I walked around calling his name but no sign of him.. =(( I left food & a ball & my socks so he smells my scent.. All the family members on the lot are going to keep an eye out tonight & I will be back there BEFORE sunrise!! Please keep the prayers going!! I pray this is my baby & we find him in the morning!!! Maddox mommy misses you so much! Please stay near that area tonight so we can go back to California tomorrow!!

Jan 21, 2013 Morning: Well was at the latest sighting since about 5:30am... Was there way before sunrise & it was not my sweet baby.... It was another very adorable female Min Pin...I've been trying all day to catch her with no luck.. BUT we are trying to trap her now!! Silly girls went into trap twice already but she is so little the lever did not work but she seems to be staying in area so confident we will catch her! I will keep you posted!

Jan 21, 2013 Evening: Well our search for Maddox saved 2 other Min Pins today! It is breaking my heart that neither were my sweet baby boy... But glad we are helping others find their homes!~

Early this morning literally at 5:30am I woke up and drove around & canvased the property from the sighting from last night. Then as soon as the sun rose, I started walking the property, through the woods, around the dam, by the lake, etc.. Then around 9am at the edge of the property behind a shed we found this sweet baby girl.. When I first got to her I gave her a bunch of treats & she even let me pet her so I tried to snatch her up but she bit me and ran away. Then literally all day I kept an eye on her, she would let me get close and sit by her & even pet her a few times but then something would make her run away.. We set up a big trap & put lots of yummy food in there & she went in there about 3-4 times and ate all the food but she was so little the trap door never went down! She even sat on the lever while she ate the food!!! Then we finally captured her without the trap.. I sat by her and distracted her & Brenda slipped a leash over her head! She is now in good hands! Thanks to Brenda!!! She is super cute too!

Then just got back from a call of another Min Pin found around 122nd & MacArthur.. His name was Tyson.. His Mommy called us earlier in case we received calls and as soon as we got the call we knew it was him.. We hoped it was Maddox but it was Rocky so he is now back home with his mommy & daddy!

So now Maddox has saved 4 Min Pins & several others!! Not that I don't love saving all these other babies but every call breaks my heart a little more because I get so excited to see my baby again!!! I know I am going to find him as I keep having dreams that he is snuggled in my lap or we are playing ball.. Last night had a dream that I was searching for him and came home and he was at home & it was like nothing happened.. Not sure what that dream meant but I know I will find my baby!! I just have to or I don't know what I will do.. My heart is broken & so empty & so lost without him! =((

Jan 21, 2013 Evening Post #2: Here is the adorable baby girl we spent all day rescuing today.. We named her "Bliss" She is super cute!! Sorry picture isn't so great.. This was end of day after we finally got her & she is in a big crate & she was really full & exhausted.... Her eyes were watering so we think she got something in them & her left leg was hurt BUT she is in great hands & with a local rescue organization already.. They will be scanning her for a microchip tomorrow.. I will keep you posted on this sweet baby girl who literally melted my heart today... And will post more pictures when I get better ones of her! I should of took some while I was chasing her all day but was a little distracted.. Wasn't going to let this one out of my sight!!    her!

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